The art of skiing

This website is all about the art of skiing. For example race skiing, freeride skiing and freestyle skiing. These three skiing forms are my favorite and are the most practiced ones. On this website, I will tell you everything about these forms of skiing. I will also show you my favorite skiërs in the different types of skiing and I will show you the most beautiful pictures of skiing to make Y'all excited to go skiing and explore the mountains.

Jon Olsson in Hakuba

Jon Olsson is/was one of the most talented freestyle skiërs in the world and was also really good in race skiing like slalom skiing. nowadays he likes to ski for fun. he goes heli-skiing in Canada and goes off-piste skiing in Japan like Hakuba. He also has a youtube channel where you can follow him around the world. Jon Olsson is one of my favorite skiërs in the world but not my only one! Feel free to explore the rest of the website to gain more knowledge about skiing. Enjoy!

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